Pharmaceutical Consultant

After many years in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Jeffrey Allard decided to set out on his own. Today, hanging out your own shingle means getting a web site, and he duly ordered one from us. He wanted the site to look familiar and appropriate to industry professionals without being generic. Since blue is the industry […]

Updated Look For Organic Fertilizers

North Country Organics, an organic fertilizer manufacturer and distributor, woke up one day to discover that they had a ten year old web site. Once serviceable, even attractive, it had become something of a marketing liability. North Country’s goal was to look as good or better on the web as any of their competitors, with […]

Pet-Friendly Holiday Interactive have hired us in the past to do fun Flash gizmos for their web site visitors. In 2009, they contacted us about doing a Christmas interactive for kids, featuring musical animals. Their concept was to parody the popular interactive music games, which was a tall order but we were psyched, partially because we love […]

A Book Site That Works

Adrian Segar was in the process of self-publishing a manual entitled Conferences That Work, and needed a web team to design and produce an interactive site to promote the book. We chose WordPress as the content management system, because it had all the features our client needed and the administrative tools are easy to use. […]

Independent Bookselling Online

The owner of The Book Cellar and Bartleby’s Books called us to create a custom web site for their bookstores, to include e-commerce using their existing software. They wanted to be able to have blogs, a calendar, newsletter signup, and other features, as well as the ability to update the site themselves. We recommended WordPress […]

College Admissions Site and Tour

Landmark College in Putney, VT called on us to help them design a new web site for their Admissions Department. They were particularly interested in using the site to further marketing of their programs for AD/HD and Learning Disabled students to both prospective students and their parents. To that end, we interviewed students and parents […]

Book Author Gets Broadway Production! Needs New Site…

Miss Abigail has had her Time Warp Advice site for many years, wherein she provides vintage advice for “contemporary dilemmas” of a romantic nature. Along the way, she wrote a book. A bit further along the way, a renowned Broadway producer bought the rights to her book for a new Broadway play. And so, it […]

Local Real Estate Listings

David Berrie, a local realtor out of Williamsville, VT, found himself high and dry without a web site when his developer went out of business. He called MuseArts to have us design and build a new web site for him. Naturally, he wanted MLS listings on his site, and he wanted to pay a reasonable […]

Facelift For Yarn Company Site

Green Mountain Spinnery

The Green Mountain Spinnery is a Vermont yarn producer with a legion of loyal fans throughout the country. They had a web site with e-commerce and had been happily selling yarn online for many years. The problem was that their web site looked like it had been selling yarn for many years. The folks at […]