Interactive Cards, Games, & Toys

MuseArts designs and creates interactive, online cards, games, toys and other goodies.

Our interactive goodies project started with Castle Arcana, and experimented with ways of engaging site visitors with fun online activities. We built special holiday themed activities for Halloween and Christmas, and added new ones to the collection over the years.

Some of our projects evolved from our Guinea Pig Theater cartoons.

Clients saw these and hired us to create Flash-based games and cards for their web sites. Each interactive is unique and specially designed to appeal to a target audience. We’ve created educational games, games for fun, puzzles, and musical toys, to name a few.

The work requires both animation and programming skills to be successful, and careful planning to keep files sizes small and efficient while delivering an enjoyable experience to the user.

Below you’ll find some examples of our interactive work. Have fun playing!


Holiday Seal Card Interactive Seasons Greetings Holiday Lights Card Interactive Campus Map
Make A Snowman Pet Rocker iBrattleboro Christmas Calendar Musical Christmas Tree
Sound of Music Rehearsal Halloween Game Tic Tac Grow The Great Guinea Pig Race
Halloween Card Pet Matching Game Design Your Room the Feng Shui Way Garden Planner