Spectacular Images

MuseTipWhen you see a great web site, it is often the great images that grab your attention. Dull web sites often have dull photos that leave site visitors uninspired.

One of the easiest ways to make your web site better is to be sure to use spectacular images of your staff, business, products, and services.

What is a spectacular image?

It’s one that makes you stop and gasp. It’s an image you want to inhabit and explore . It’s the kind of picture that makes you think “wow!” when you see it.  It’s an image you remember.

A great photo. Nice angle, good light, and in focus.

Spectacular images are well-framed, cropped, and balanced. They are in focus, with good lighting and color.  The subject matter is clearly understood and communicated.

To get the best photos for your site, consider hiring a professional photographer. Professional photography with a trusted photographer will get you the best results.

If a professional is out of your budget, you’ll have to learn to take great pictures. Get in close, capture interesting details, don’t use your built-in flash, and think about what you want to display on your web page. Go through your results and delete anything that isn’t great, and save your best photos for use on your site.

At MuseArts, we can help compensate for less-than-spectacular images. We can rotate, crop, and adjust exposures and colors to make the most of a challenging image. The best photos, however, need little work.

Spectacular images enhance the pages on which they are displayed and help tell your story. Start with great original, source photos and your web images will be effective.