Mobile Theme for Private Boarding School Site

square_greenwoodOur client’s current web site was beautifully designed but because it lacked a content management system, they had to go through developers far away to make changes.  Moreover, the static layout was not built to display well on mobile devices and they feared they were losing traffic.  They decided to look for local developers to take their site to the next level.  In a two step process, we converted their design to a WordPress theme and helped them learn the system so they could do their own content updates.  Shortly after, we started work on a new responsive theme for their site, with a new, up-to-date design.  The new site takes the best of the old, and makes it useful for site visitors no matter what size screen they have.  Meanwhile, the school has seen increased web traffic since the new, search engine optimized site went up.  There’s always more to do, but so far, our clients are seeing positive results.