Attractions & Advantages e-book cover

The latest venture in the MuseArts project series is the production of e-books.

As it turns out, they are very similar to web pages. We’re really good at creating web pages, so it seems natural to branch out and play with new formats while using similar HTML and image optimization skills.

E-Book Experiments

Our first project was to convert an old Brattleboro business guide from the 1880’s to a modern e-book format. This allowed us to combine our love of local history with necessary lessons we need to learn about formatting text and images to display on Kindle, iPad, and other devices. It was a success and taught us essential lessons about prepping and producing these projects.

Other MuseArts digital publishing projects include a new iBrattleboro Users Guide, children’s stories, and reference books.

If you have an e-book project you are considering, talk to us. We’re happy to advise on what we know about tools, tips, and tricks for digital publishing.

Please consider a contribution to the MuseArts e-book project.