Alphabet Cats on Zazzle

Alphabet Cats IconBig news for fans of Christopher Grotke’s cat artwork. We’ve created a store on Zazzle to let you buy beautiful cards and posters featuring the Cat Alphabet, one of his┬ápopular illustrative projects.

The Cat Alphabet features beautiful, hand-drawn cartoon cats lounging about and interacting with brightly colored letters of the alphabet. It’s perfect for animal rescuers, veterinarian and humane society offices, schools, and of course, cat lovers.

Tell your cat-loving friends, or surprise them with a gift.

Each cat began as a pencil sketch. The drawings were scanned and cleaned-up in Photoshop. The hand=drawn letters were replaced with crisp, vector art and a rainbow of colors. Some letters contain custom patterns as well.

Alphabet Cats Poster
Alphabet Cats Poster

The cats and letters were then combined, and each cat colored, producing 26 individual works of art. The artwork was then combined a final time to proceed the poster version of the alphabet.