Southern Vermont House Painter Gets A Fresh Look

Southern Vermont House PainterEddie Charbonneau came to us with a very old web site and a new problem — he felt he was spending too much on advertising and wanted his web site to do more to promote his business. This created two goals — improved design and SEO. We redesigned his site to take advantage of the vast portfolio of photos he’d collected from the many house painting and finishing projects he’s completed over the years, grouping them by location so that folks in, say, Ludlow, could see other houses that Eddie’s company has painted in that and neighboring towns. For added punch, we included testimonials from many of his clients, again grouped by location. Capping off the project, we also worked on his site content and organization to improve his search engine performance. The new site is beautiful and shows off his work to advantage, while the enhanced content allows search engines to more effectively index his site.