Mobile Theme for Private Boarding School Site

Our client’s current web site was beautifully designed but because it lacked a content management system, they had to go through developers far away to make changes.  Moreover, the static layout was not built to display well on mobile devices and they feared they were losing traffic.  They decided to look for local developers to take their […]

Farmers On The Web

Our friends at Deer Ridge Farm have a multi-pronged operation with maple syrup, strawberries, cut flowers, and a summer day camp all contributing to their income stream.  But without a web site, customers had to find them at the weekly farmers’ market to even know about their wares. Armed with a bit of grant money, our clients hired us to […]

Alphabet Cats on Zazzle

Big news for fans of Christopher Grotke’s cat artwork. We’ve created a store on Zazzle to let you buy beautiful cards and posters featuring the Cat Alphabet, one of his popular illustrative projects. The Cat Alphabet features beautiful, hand-drawn cartoon cats lounging about and interacting with brightly colored letters of the alphabet. It’s perfect for animal […]

Animated Titles for The Pulse of Brattleboro

We recently completed work on an animated title sequence for one of our favorite local TV shows, The Pulse of Brattleboro. The show, created by Joe Bushey and Daryl Pilsbury, explores all aspects of the town by taking the camera to the streets to see what people are doing and saying.

Responsive Classroom Animation

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating on an animated film promoting the Responsive Classroom called “High-Quality Education for Every Child, Every Day” MuseArts did storyboarding, character design, layout and animation for the project, and Vermont Films handled the soundtrack, narration, editing and final production.

Brattleboro History Center

The Brattleboro Historical Society has been online for many years, but needed a new web site that would make it easier for volunteers to update with new photos, events, and virtual exhibits. At the same time, BHS was thinking about opening a new exhibit space on Main Street in downtown Brattleboro and was looking for […]

The Acceptance

MuseArts has jumped back in to stop motion animation with a short, new music video project called The Acceptance. It’s a series of over 1,200 frames of torn paper in motion to accompany an original piece of music by composer and musician Denis Malloy. It was animated by Christopher Grotke.

Online Memberships for Snowmobile Club

This Vermont snowmobile club needed to provide its members with a way to buy and renew trail memberships online. Since the forms were complex — GMTB needs to know about each and every sled registered — a simple contact form wouldn’t do. We set them up with a mobile-friendly WordPress site with the a streamlined […]

Image Repair and Restoration

One of our favorite things to do is to repair and restore old photos for people. It allows us to put our Photoshop skills to work to bring memories to life, which is always a good feeling. Photo repair projects usually begin when someone has some old photos they need scanned. The goal is to […]

Planning An Illustration Project

An original illustration can grab attention and make a statement. When you need artwork created, there are some things to keep in mind to help keep costs down and get the results you are after.