The Acceptance

MuseArts has jumped back in to stop motion animation with a short, new music video project called The Acceptance. It’s a series of over 1,200 frames of torn paper in motion to accompany an original piece of music by composer and musician Denis Malloy. It was animated by Christopher Grotke.

Online Memberships for Snowmobile Club

This Vermont snowmobile club needed to provide its members with a way to buy and renew trail memberships online. Since the forms were complex — GMTB needs to know about each and every sled registered — a simple contact form wouldn’t do. We set them up with a mobile-friendly WordPress site with the a streamlined […]

Image Repair and Restoration

One of our favorite things to do is to repair and restore old photos for people. It allows us to put our Photoshop skills to work to bring memories to life, which is always a good feeling. Photo repair projects usually begin when someone has some old photos they need scanned. The goal is to […]

Planning An Illustration Project

An original illustration can grab attention and make a statement. When you need artwork created, there are some things to keep in mind to help keep costs down and get the results you are after.

Resize Images for Your Web Site

It’s common these days for clients to want to upload new images to their web site, and we build web sites that make that process relatively easy, if your resize images first. Here are some tips for making images the right size for your web site.

A New iBrattleboro

iBrattleboro icon

To celebrate 10 years of citizen journalism in Brattleboro, MuseArts re-designed the pioneering web site to be more useful, better looking, and easier to use for the thousands of people using the site each day. Our goal was to take everything that we liked about the older site and make it better. We added […]

Getting A Domain Name

Your domain name is what people type into a browser to find your web site. Our domain name is It’s a bit like getting a web phone book listing to connect your name with your site.

Internet Archive Adds Capital Children’s Museum Collection

Our side project of digitizing and archiving student work from the Capital Children’s Museum has reached a milestone.  A new Media Arts at Capital Children’s Museum collection is now available at the Internet Archive. The U-matic versions of projects are available there, and we’ll be adding VHS conversions soon. It’s comforting to know that these […]

Spectacular Images

When you see a great web site, it is often the great images that grab your attention. Dull web sites often have dull photos that leave site visitors uninspired. One of the easiest ways to make your web site better is to be sure to use spectacular images of your staff, business, products, and services. […]

Web Sites, Seasons, and Cycles

Traffic to a web site is not constant. There are natural cycles to any business. Some times of year are very busy and other times it can be slow. It is important to watch your web statistics over time to help understand if your business is experiencing an expected, seasonal slowdown, or if you should […]