Web Sites, Seasons, and Cycles

MuseTipTraffic to a web site is not constant. There are natural cycles to any business. Some times of year are very busy and other times it can be slow.

It is important to watch your web statistics over time to help understand if your business is experiencing an expected, seasonal slowdown, or if you should worry that business is indeed drying up.

To boost traffic during an expected slow period, you can grab the attention of web visitors with something unique, fun, or useful. You can debut a new feature, such as a mobile version of your web site or blog, or provide something original such as an interactive card or game.

If you’ve been building up a mailing list, it is an excellent time to send out-coupons or special offers to your customers.

MuseArts can help you with seasonal artwork or animation, e-cards, or games and puzzles to give your business some added attention for major and minor holidays. We’ve helped create simple graphics to spice up an old web page, and have been hired to build branded games and puzzles with full soundtracks. You can see examples in our Portfolio and Projects sections of our site.

Finally, a slow period might mean your site is getting old and is in need of an update. Take advantage of the downtime to re-assess your current site and look for opportunities to make improvements, then call us to arrange a time to discuss what needs to be done.