Farmers On The Web

square_deerridgeOur friends at Deer Ridge Farm have a multi-pronged operation with maple syrup, strawberries, cut flowers, and a summer day camp all contributing to their income stream.  But without a web site, customers had to find them at the weekly farmers’ market to even know about their wares. Armed with a bit of grant money, our clients hired us to design a web site to promote all their products and services, while enabling them to add features over time.   Although they’re pretty busy on the farm, they found time to write up their operation and send us pictures.  We did the rest, building them a WordPress site with a handsomely-rustic custom theme.  Now, people searching for the best Vermont maple syrup can find them readily, even if they’re far away.  As for locals, the new Deer Ridge Farm web site is a good way to get the day camp registration form or contact them about cut flowers.  Win-win all around.